May 12, 2020

4 DIY Projects to Bring More Value To Your Home

Over the past few months, people have spent more time at home than they have in a long time. Some people are home but still working full time hours, others have been moved to part-time at home and some people haven’t been working at all. While this whole “new normal” is a challenge for everyone, it does mean that people have been finding time for things they normally wouldn’t bother with. Like old hobbies, learning new talents and DIY projects.

Have you noticed how big the line up at the local hardware store has been? That’s because people everywhere are jumping on the DIY train and doing little projects all over the house. Did you know that many of these home-improvements everyone has been doing can actually benefit you when it comes to selling your home? If you’ve been planning to list your house this summer and have a little extra time, then try your hand at some of these home renos to help your home sell faster and maybe even up the value. 

Fresh Paint 

The amount of value that a fresh coat of paint can bring to your home is almost unbelievable. Have you ever entered a home that is full of “signs of life”? What we mean is scuffs, cracks, holes, or just plain out-dated colours? Yep, we’ve seen thousands of homes like this, but the truth is, these minor marks and bad paint colours are hard for some people to see past.

A paint colour can date your home, make a huge room appear smaller and just overall make it look a little…grungy. So for the price of a few gallons of paint, you can open up the space, brighten the whole house and have it looking brand spanking new for potential buyers. Not only does it present your house better, but it’s one more thing those buyers can check off that makes the home “move in ready”. 

Plant Flowers

If you’re listing a home in the spring or summer, then get on the garden gloves, grab the shovel and start cleaning out those overgrown flower beds! Greenhouses have opened up now and we encourage you to visit. When your house is photographed for your listing, it will instantly be more appealing to a buyer if it’s surrounded by greenery and stunning florals. 

Not interested in creating flower bed DIY projects for a house you’re moving out of? That’s okay, buy some planters or hanging baskets. Some flowers around the door, the porch or nicely placed on the back deck will make your home feel so much more inviting than a plain, empty space.  

Bring Your Kitchen Into the 21st Century

We understand that your home is your home and you’ve probably been there for as long as you can remember and we 100% respect that. But that being said, an outdated kitchen can send buyers running for the hills. Why? Because a brand new kitchen is a costly reno and it’s the room we use the most in a home, so we all want our dream kitchen.

This DIY project might take you a bit more time and money, but we promise it’s well worth it. Brighten up the space by painting the cabinets a bright colour, replace the hardware with something more modern and consider new taps and light fixtures too. There are also kits available to redo your kitchen counter and give it a fresh new look to match your “brand new” cabinets! If an entire kitchen overhaul isn’t in the budget, these simple little touch ups can increase the value of your home and have buyers falling in love with the space. 

Declutter The House and Organize Closets

When you are selling your home, you want to have it staged in such a way that it appeals to other people (not to you). We know you love your home, but not everyone loves your teapot collection and the spare room with all the collectable dolls. Much like the outdated paint, too much clutter in a home is often hard for people to overlook. They end up paying attention to your collections instead of the house and it becomes chaotic and overwhelming for some.

The same goes for closets. Most home buyers, especially young families, are going to want a home with great closet and storage space. But how can they see the potential in the master walk-in closet if they are avalanched by shoes when they open the door?

Decluttering benefits you and the potential buyers of your home. This is the cheapest of the DIY projects and it gives you less to pack and a fresh start in your new home while allowing others to see the best features of your old one. Have a yard sale or donate the things you don’t need anymore or the ones you haven’t touched in months. Try installing some closet organizers in the main bedrooms as well to show how functional the closet space can be. 

If your home has already been listed for a while and hasn’t sold, then we suggest giving these a try too. A few simple changes can be the difference between a sale and a buyer walking away. Not everyone can see the potential in an older home, so it’s up to you to showcase it the best way possible. 

It’s been a hard and weird few months for most people, but we want you to see the silver lining. We were given a lot of spare time during this pandemic, so put it to good use and get your home ready for listing.
If you’ve already completed your projects and are ready to list your home in the St.Paul or Bonnyville area, the Century 21 Poirier team is ready to help. Even during these uncertain times, while we all navigate through our new normal, our agents are standing by. Our whole team has proper safety procedures in place so that you can safely list and show your home, there’s no need to wait.

Call us today if you’re ready for a change.

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