October 10, 2019

Meet Your Bonnyville CENTURY 21 Poirier Team!

Our Bonnyville team knows that home is much more than a place in which to catch up on your Netflix playlist. We believe that a house becomes a home when filled with family, friends, neighbours, and, of course, your pets. Home is where memories take place and children are raised; where your daughter is picked up for her first date, where the best meal you ever had is served. Finding the best home for you and your family is a life-changing experience.

Looking for a Home in Bonnyville?

The municipal district of Bonnyville in Alberta, Canada is ranked #22 on the Top 100 Places to Live in Canada list. Perhaps it’s even more impressive that its ranking jumped up over 200 points since 2017. This standing takes into account:

  • Weather
  • Affordability
  • Local economy
  • Crime
  • Health
  • Demographics
  • Taxes
  • Amenities, and more

MoneySense is the producer of this listing which includes 415 communities across Canada. Bonnyville’s Mayor Gene Sobolewski had this to say about the community’s high rating and the collaboration that takes place among those who live in Bonnyville:

“We don’t have boundaries. We have different flavours and different services, but we all rely on each other for the different things that we do.”

Bonnyville Real Estate Agents

Century 21 Poirier considers helping their clients in Bonnyville a meaningful experience.  They know that buying a home is a big step, and one of the most significant investments that a person makes over a lifetime. That is why they are so proud of and dependent on their Bonnyville agents.

Meet Our Bonnyville Real Estate Agents

Marci Smith

Marci likes to add her knowledge of the local real estate market to the power that comes with CENTURY 21, the most recognized name in today’s real estate market. Smith, a 27-year Bonnyville community member, enjoys assisting individuals and families in finding homes they love.

If you are selling a property, she can help you with that assignment, as well. She has a reputation for selling properties swiftly and getting the best price for her clients while she is at it.

When Smith is not assisting clients, she is probably volunteering at her children’s school; watching her kids play hockey, or scrapbooking. She reaches out to her community by being a former member of the Community Board and a current member of The Junior Pontiacs Board. Smith is service-oriented and an excellent communicator.

Katrina Reid

Katrina is a people-person who moved to Alberta in 1998. Since then, she has raised two boys, three dogs, and purchased three homes. Reid spent 18 years in the management side of the retail industry but then made a change to a real estate career. 

Customer service is what Reid puts first on her priority list. She strives to make an overwhelming task seamless and enjoyable. She would very much like to have you stop by the Bonnyville office for a cup of coffee, or will meet you wherever is most convenient.

Darryl Poirier, Darren Poirier, Tyler Poirier

Although their offices are located in St. Paul, they are the owners of CENTURY 21 Poirier and are always available to clients. The Poirier family also takes a concerned interest in all of CENTURY 21 Poirier’s sales, searches, and potential or interested homebuyers.

A Little More about CENTURY 21 Poirier

Our real estate agency has been in business since 1967. Yes, we’re pretty good with real estate matters. Still, it has been our great, good fortune to have the communities of St. Paul and Bonnyville as partners. Because of our residents’ encouragement, we take every opportunity that comes our way to give back to both the St. Paul and Bonnyville communities.

Darryl Poirier was a founding member of St. Paul KidSport, an organization that allows children, who might otherwise be unable to play organized sports, to do so.

When CENTURY 21 Poirier sells your home, the company gives 1 percent of their listing commission to a local non-profit. We ask our clients to choose which pre-approved non-profit they would like to receive the money. Giving back to our communities is vital for the success of CENTURY 21 Poirer.

Our agency also created a $1,000 scholarship in St. Paul and a $500 scholarship in Bonnyville. The money is an award given to a high school student who has demonstrated outstanding community leadership.

The CENTURY 21 Poirier teams also take time out for educating high school students in essential financing, investing in their first home, and mortgages.

Bonnyville’s Multi-Natural

The folks who live in Bonnyville are fond of pointing out that the community has both a multicultural heritage and fantastic natural wonder. Bonnyville, AB is an excellent place to do a little fishing, wild game hunting, bird watching, hiking, camping, and more. 

If being around and playing in the water is your thing, Bonnyville boasts nearby Moose Lake and the provincial park that surrounds it. Crane Lake is nearby, and, in only about thirty minutes, you can refresh yourself in Cold Lake and visit, yes, another provincial park. If you’re an outdoor kind of person, we know you will love this place.

The Municipal District of Bonnyville owns and operates 11 campgrounds and parks within its boundaries.

Local Activities

There’s plenty of action and things-to-do in and around the town, such as:

  • Kids’ activities
  • Many locations for worship
  • Golf course
  • Tennis courts
  • Volleyball venues
  • A performing arts centre
  • The Bonnyville & District Museum
  • The Bonnyville Regional Airport (for when friends want to come and visit)

CENTURY 21 Poirier

Once you decide that Bonnyville is the place for you, all you have to do is give us a call. Let us walk through this exciting journey together. If you are selling your property, we can help make that task a bit easier, as well. Clients can be sure that they will receive all the assistance they need. At CENTURY 21 Poirier, we work on your schedule. As Tom Salmone, Former President of the National Association of Realtors once said:

Realtors are great, outgoing people who get up every day to go out and help consumers reach whatever their goals may be. They’re problem-solvers.

Contact our CENTURY 21 Bonnyville agents and let them help find the home you have envisioned.

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